Edward Withrow is an experienced businessman whose skillful navigation in investment banking, advising, and logistics has led to the development of dozens of companies.

Edward Withrow has a wide variety of professional experience that ranges from investment banking to intellectual property. One of his many professional interests lies in the field of low-cost health diagnostics. For people such as veterans, low-cost health diagnostics could save lives. Therefore, Edward Withrow has been working on non-addictive pain management for retired soldiers.

Additionally, Edward Withrow’s concern for veterans is shown through his work with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. He has worked closely with this organization to create more efficient ways for veterans to schedule appointments and pay for treatment. He therefore likes to stay updated on healthcare news and current biotechnology trends.

In all of Edward’s health initiatives he has a goal of transparency and accessibility to healthcare options for all patients.

Aside from his interest in healthcare, Edward Withrow has a wide variety of interests. He is very active and passionate about art and music. Being an artist himself, he loves putting on as well as going to art showings. Additionally, he would describe himself as a cinephile, as he was involved in the film industry for nine years of his life. He is very interested in history and culture, as well as education and the economy. Edward Withrow has strong beliefs about the education system in the United States and is a strong opponent of economic inequity in his home country. In addition to his many other interests, Edward loves to travel with his family.

As the largest shareholder and previous Chairman of PearTrack Security Systems, Inc. (formerly Ecologic Transportation, Inc.), Edward is also always looking for ways to improve the tracking, management, and environmental efficiency of major transportation systems.